Faron C.

Faron C.

Communication and Education studies
5 lat doświadczenia

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Hello :)
My name is Faron. I am a native English language coach from England. I taught English as a foreign language in Bratislava for almost 4 years before moving to Spain. My accent is clear, neutral and easy to understand. I have successfully helped many people to speak English more confidently and fluently in a relaxed but effective way.

Whilst I tailor individual lessons to student's personalities and requirements for English language improvement I focus mainly on using conversation to highlight new words, learn new phrases, and to practice expressions of everyday speech.

**I offer digital vocabulary and grammar books for self study FREE of charge ...please ask**

I will boost your confidence, increase your Vocabulary, perfect your pronunciation and most of all, improve your fluency of the English language. I offer 35 and 50 minute sessions. From experience I have found taking shorter sessions, more regularly, are more effective for the student and Skype sessions can be more focused and intensive than one to one sessions(which is a good thing). I recommend at least 2 sessions a week for a more effective learning experience.

If you would like to try a FREE 15 minute session to see if Skype lessons suit you then please contact me regarding this.

35 minutes 49 zl
50 minutes 69 zl

PAY FOR 10 x 35 minute SESSIONS= 449 zl
PAY FOR 20 x 35 minute SESSIONS= 799 zl (BEST PRICE!!!) =39.95 zl / SESSION

PAY FOR 10 x 50 minute SESSIONS= 649 zl
PAY FOR 20 x 50 minute SESSIONS= 1199 zl (BEST PRICE!!!) =59.95 zl / SESSION

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Kind regards

Prowadzę następujące zajęcia

  • Poziom B1 (średniozaawansowany)
  • Poziom B2 (średniozaawansowany)
  • Poziom C1 (zaawansowany)
  • Poziom C2 (zaawansowany)

Przygotowanie do egzaminów

  • FCE (First)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Preferowany wiek uczniów

  • Dziecko (4-11 lat)
  • Nastolatek (12-17 lat)
  • Dorosły (18-59 lat)


Communication and Education studies

The University of Manchester
1992 - 1995


Language Coach

Self Employed
Bratislava, Barcelona, Alicante
2014 - Aktualnie

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